b-token = reliability

Tokens are often a money alternative, so they usually have a certain value. We are only too aware of the importance of this value. That's why not just anybody has access to produced tokens. In addition we are constantly wary of fraud cases. Existing tokens won't be copied without written approval of the owner of the organization or the logo. If we suspect forgery or counterfeiting, we will immediatly inform the initial owner, our competitors and even the police.

In our opinion correct lead times are also part of our reliability policy. When you place an order, we will always let you know when the tokens can be delivered. If there would be any problems in the production process that could endanger the delivery time, we will inform the customer as soon as possible.

To deliver our tokens to our worldwide customers as quickly and safely as possible, we rely on UPS as the largest shipment and logistics company in the world. At the moment of shipment, both the customer and we get the tracking number of the parcel by e-mail. That way the parties involved can check the status of the delivery at any moment. 



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