Wooden festival tokens

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Wooden festival tokens

Events that are looking for a single-use currency, can count on our exclusive wooden festival tokens.

These tokens are made from wood fibres and resin and are produced through the MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard) production technique. For these unique coins, no trees are harmed. We only use 100% natural sources.

The festival tokens are tablets consisting of 25 separate tokens (5x5) which can each be snapped in half. For durability of the tablet, the middle coin does not have a snap line.

Thanks to the possibility to snap the token, you will be able to offer a smooth service to your customers, at both cash desk and bar.

Create a unique festival token with your own personalization in full color on the token, on both sides.

Printing options

  • Your logo and/or text on the coin
  • Your logo and/or text on the entire tablet
  • Unique numbering per tablet
  • Barcodes and QR-codes
  • Pictures

These festival tokens are also available in other materials: plasticcrystal and biodegradable material.

You can easily design your own wooden festival tokens and order them via our b-token webshop or contact us via the online contact form or mail.

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Prices for wooden festival tokens

The minimum order quantity for festival tokens is 15,000 tokens per design.
Orders by multiple of 3,750 tokens.
The following prices are per token, not per tablet.
Our prices are exclusive of taxes.
Delivery time is 3 weeks after approval of the artwork.
Goods are shipped by UPS. Shipping costs are FREE.
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Quantity2 sides
15,000 pcs $ 0.131
60,000 pcs $ 0.124
120,000 pcs $ 0.118
300,000 pcs $ 0.112
600,000 pcs $ 0.108
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