Pierced glitter tokens

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Pierced glitter tokens

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To add a bit of sparkle to this world, we now offer pierced glitter tokens. Available in 3 sparkly colors: gold, silver & copper. These tokens are personalized by piercing the token to create a central hole. This gives them a very unique look. In addition, these tokens are provided with an edge for comfort. 

Pierced glitter tokens have many different uses. Such cashless currency for any event. They are a unique alternative when used as a marketing tool, business card, loyalty coin or reward token. Glitter tokens have the perfect look for events like Carnivals, Mardi Gras and other VIP occasions.

Piercing options available: 

  • a standard design
  • a letter
  • a symbol
  • a design
  • a hole

See our price list for more information. 

Pierced tokens with standard designs can be easily ordered online using our b-token webshop. For personalized orders, you can contact us directly by email or using the online quotation form.

Would you prefer printed glitter tokens? Click here for more information about this option. 

Need a handy counting and storage solution? We offer plastic counting trays - they store 500 tokens each.

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Prices for pierced glitter tokens

The minimum order quantity of pierced glitter tokens is 1,000 pieces per color and per design.
Our prices are exclusive of taxes.
Shipping and mold costs are FREE.
Goods are shipped by UPS.
The following prices are per piece.
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ø 0.91''

ø 0.98''

ø 1.14''

ø 1.37''

ø 1.5''


1,000 pcs $ 0.722 $ 0.751
3,000 pcs $ 0.456 $ 0.474
6,000 pcs $ 0.339 $ 0.362
10,000 pcs $ 0.285 $ 0.302
15,000 pcs $ 0.262 $ 0.279
25,000 pcs $ 0.231 $ 0.236
50,000 pcs $ 0.207 $ 0.219
100,000 pcs $ 0.193 $ 0.208
200,000 pcs $ 0.179 $ 0.191
500,000 pcs $ 0.170 $ 0.181
Gold Silver Copper

Standard designs for pierced glitter tokens


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