Gaming tokens

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Gaming tokens

Besides being the perfect tool at events, our tokens are also nice to use as gaming token, for instance at a game night.

The nice thing about the gaming token is that this product can be completely personalized on our webshop. This means you can go for a gaming token that looks like a poker chip, or you can have your logo, artwork or text on them. This makes the gaming token an ideal marketing tool.

Our tokens are printed with adhesive ink. This offers great advantages as this hi-tech production method allows us to print very sophisticated and detailed designs. 

Our color range consists of 6 different token colors which can all be personalized with your own design on both sides. The gaming token has a diameter of 38 mm, which is the same size as a poker chip. 

Take a look at our webshop for our wide range of standard desings to personalize your gaming token. 

Printing Options

  • your logo and/or text
  • your artwork
  • our standard designs
  • names
  • photos

Benefits of gaming tokens

  • Your logo, text or artwork on a gaming token ensure a personalized image and name recognition. Sponsors, logos or brands will certainly turn heads when they are on a printed gaming token. 
  • Extensive use of gaming tokens is no problem at all, because they are made of durable and solid materials. What's even more, they are dishwasher safe.
  • b-token manufactures its own gaming tokens. This guarantees you fast turnaround times and tremendous flexibility, not to mention unparalleled support and advice when it comes to giving your printed tokens a personalised look.

Designing and ordering your own gaming tokens is quick and easy on our b-token webshop.

You can store and count recycled plastic tokens in an orderly and neatly arranged manner with our plastic coin-counting trays as a convenient and inexpensive solution. Each tray can hold up to 500 tokens.

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Prices for gaming tokens

The minimum order quantity of gaming tokens is 1,000 pieces per color and per design.
Delivery time is 3 weeks after approval of the artwork.
Our prices are exclusive of 21% VAT and delivery charges.
The following prices are per piece.

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QuantityPrinted in 1 colorPrinted in full color
  1 side 2 sides 1 side 2 sides
1,000 pcs $ 0,218 $ 0.233 $ 0.231 $ 0.248
3,000 pcs $ 0,184 $ 0.199 $ 0.197 $ 0.213
6,000 pcs $ 0.138 $ 0.153 $ 0.163 $ 0.178
10,000 pcs $ 0.127 $ 0.141 $ 0.139 $ 0.155
15,000 pcs $ 0.120 $ 0.133 $ 0.134 $ 0.147
25,000 pcs $ 0.103 $ 0.114 $ 0.116 $ 0.127
50,000 pcs $ 0.098 $ 0.109 $ 0.107 $ 0.119
100,000 pcs $ 0.090 $ 0.100 $ 0.098 $ 0.109
200,000 pcs $ 0.078 $ 0.089 $ 0.088 $ 0.098
500,000 pcs $ 0.071 $ 0.078 $ 0.078 $ 0.084

Setup charges

Token Color Change $ 25


Yellow Red Dark green Dark blue Black White

Take a look at our webshop for our wide range of standard desings to personalize your gaming token. 

Order online now! Get a quote here


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