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As we have always felt very strongly about the environment, b-token never produced anything other than tokens that generate 0% waste. And now, taking our commitment to the environment another step further we are proud to present... our new ECO-TOKEN™, a 100% biodegradable token.

These environmentally-friendly tokens are made from starch-based bioplastic. And just in case you were wondering where we're getting all this starch from, well, we simply extract it from all the potato peels we go around collecting from the French-fry producers. So there you have it, our ECO-TOKENS™ are 100% biodegradable in nature, because they are made from natural and renewable resources! View our pricelist for more information regarding ECO-TOKENS™.

So when it comes to tidying up after an open-air event, a gig in the park, or a happening on a sports field, you will now also find Mother Nature at the ready to give you a helping hand. For, when our tokens are exposed to rain, UV rays, oxygen and bacteria, they will quite simple decompose into CO2, water and biomass, a natural fertilizer that boosts plant growth. And for those amongst you who might become slightly concerned... our ECO-TOKENS™ will not decompose unless they are exposed to all four factors. Please note! For the care of our Eco- Tokens, we recommend to clean the coins with a slightly damp cloth. Due to their biodegradable properties, we do explicitly not recommend contact with water and any liquid detergents.

The raw materials that we use to manufacture our ECO-TOKENS™ meet the European compostability standard (EN13432). What's more, our biodegradable tokens have also been patented.

We advise you to choose embossed ECO-TOKENS™, instead of printed ECO-TOKENS™. For the simple reason that the ink we use is not yet ecological. This means that the design will be raised in the same color as the tokens, clearly legible and recognizable by touch. The ECO-TOKENS™ are accommodated with an edge, like our other tokens. 

To add personalization options, we can offer you a wide range of standard designs for these ECO-TOKENS™.

Embossing Options

  • your own logo and/or text
  • your design
  • our standard designs

Benefits of embossed ECO-TOKENS™

  • The ECO-TOKEN™ is fragile in comparison to our recycled plastic tokens. This ensures a faster decomposition in nature.
  • Your logo, company name or website on embossed ECO-TOKENS™ will ensure a personalized image and brand awareness. Sponsors, logos or brands will be put in the spotlights thanks to personalized ECO-TOKENS™. In fact, these biodegradable tokens will also renown your organization or event as environmentally-friendly.
  • Extensive use of the embossed ECO-TOKENS™ is no problem at all, because they are made of durable and solid materials. Store the biodegradable tokens in a dry and dark storage room. This way you can keep using them over and over again.
  • Embossed ECO-TOKENS™ are completely recyclable. The regained material will be used again in a new production batch. Do you have any embossed ECO-TOKENS™ of b-token that aren't used anymore? We would like to recycle them for you.
  • ECO-tokens™ keep the flow of money at events under control as takings are centralized at one location (the till). It also dispenses with the need for rigorous supervision as staff will rarely need to handle cash. 
  • Personalized ECO-TOKENS™ are fraud-proof. By putting your own logo or name on the coins, your tokens will be easy to recognize. What is more, we will not produce your tokens for a third party. If we even suspect counterfeiting or fraud with tokens we immediatly inform the rightful owner and the police.
  • Revenue is generated as soon as the ECO-tokens™ are sold. In other words, you no longer have to wait until your customer actually decides to purchase a refreshment. At that, we know from experience that about 1/8th of all tokens purchased disappear and are never exchanged for refreshments. You will even find that some of your customers will hold on to your tokens as a keepsake or souvenir.
  • By working with ECO-tokens™, prices are easily and swiftly adjusted, which means that you can take full advantage of any special offers.
  • b-token manufactures its own ECO-TOKENS™. This guarantees you fast turnaround times and tremendous flexibility, not to mention unparalleled support and advice when it comes to giving your ECO-TOKENS™ a personalized look.

Designing and ordering your own ECO-TOKENS™ is quick and easy on our b-token webshop. If you want you can also contact us directly through the contact form or by email.

You can store and count tokens in an orderly and neatly arranged manner with our plastic coin-counting trays as a convenient and inexpensive solution. Each tray can hold up to 500 tokens. 


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Prices for embossed ECO-TOKENS™

The minimum order quantity of embossed ECO-TOKENS™ is 1,000 pieces per color.
Our prices are exclusive of taxes.
Shipping and mold costs are FREE.
Goods are shipped by UPS.
Delivery time is 3 weeks after approval of the artwork. 
The following prices are per piece. 
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We believe we have a responsibility towards a better future for our planet and for generations to come by developing a biodegradable product. Due to higher raw-material prices, the rate of ECO-TOKENS™ will be a bit higher than our regular plastic embossed tokens. 

Please note! For the care of our Eco- Tokens, we recommend to clean the coins with a slightly damp cloth. Due to their biodegradable properties, we do explicitly not recommend contact with water and any liquid detergents.

Since we are working with a recycled material, it's possible that the tokens show an instability in size. 


ø 0.91''

ø 0.98''

ø 1.14''

ø 1.37''

ø 1.5''

ø 2.76''
500 pcs - - $ 0.648
1,000 pcs $ 0.263 $ 0.268 $ 0.452
3,000 pcs $ 0.166 $ 0.169 $ 0.324
6,000 pcs $ 0.115 $ 0.133 $ 0.283
10,000 pcs $ 0.103 $ 0.117 $ 0.257
15,000 pcs $ 0.098 $ 0.110 $ 0.247
25,000 pcs $ 0.083 $ 0.098 $ 0.223
50,000 pcs $ 0.074 $ 0.083 $ 0.220
100,000 pcs $ 0.061 $ 0.070 $ 0.213
200,000 pcs $ 0.050 $ 0.057 $ 0.199
500,000 pcs $ 0.042 $ 0.050 $ 0.196

Setup charges

Token color change $ 25
Yellow Fluo-rescent orange Red Dark green Dark blue Black White Maroon

Standard designs for ECO-tokens™

We offer you a wide range of standard designs for embossed ECO-TOKENS™. gegraveerd dollar ECO.bmp?1423661985


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