Personalized cocktail stirrers

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Personalized cocktail stirrers

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Swizzle sticks are an original gadget that will give your drinks a certain je ne sais quoi. The cocktail stirrers can brighten up a summer cocktail as well as a nice warm drink during the cold winter. Cocktail stirrers add color, conviviality and a personal touch to your event or business. At that, cocktail sticks will help you disseminate your logo, message or advertisement among a wide audience in a fun, though remarkably efficient, manner.

Our stirrers are printed digitally with ink that adheres to and coats to perfection. This high-tech method allows us to print your swizzle sticks with highly intricate and detailed designs (including photographs). Our cocktail stirrers are available in white only and can be printed in mon or full color, on one side or two. Check out our pricelist for further information about our cocktail stirrers.

Our swizzle sticks are available in two different lengths:

  • short cocktail stirrers of 17 cm
  • long cocktail stirrers of 22 cm

At that, we can offer you a choice between a round and a square version.

Printing options

  • your logo and/or text
  • your design
  • names
  • numbering
  • QR-code
  • barcode
  • photographs

Advantages of cocktail stirrers

  • Your logo, company name or website on swizzle sticks creates a personalized image and gives you unbeatable name recognition. The detailled print on the stirrers and the fact that they are sure to catch the eye of a wide audience means that your sponsors, logos, or brands will get all the attention you could wish for.
  • The fact that you have opted for the personalized version makes that logos, brands, sponsors or names on the sticks are swiftly and easily recognized. In sum, swizzle sticks aid representative logo recognition.
  • Swizzle sticks are a charming way to give drinks an added value in an original manner. At that, the message on your cocktail stirrers will quickly reach a wide audience.
  • As our cocktail sticks are made from durable and sturdy materials, it is perfectly possible to use them over and over again. With that multiple use in mind, it only stands to reason that the b-token cocktail stirres are also dishwasher proof.
  • b-token manufactures its own swizzle sticks. This guarantees you fast turnaround times and tremendous flexibility, not to mention unparalleled support and advice when it comes to giving your swizzle sticks a personalized look.

Designing and ordering your own cocktail stirrers is quick and easy on our b-token webshop. If you want you can also contact us directly through the contact form or by email.

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Prices for printed cocktail stirrers

The minimum order quantity for cocktail stirrers is 1,000 pieces per color and design.
Our prices are exclusive of taxes. Shipping and mould costs are FREE.
Goods are shipped by UPS.
Delivery time is 3 weeks after approval of the artwork. 
The following prices are per piece.
Only white swizzle sticks available.  
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Quantity1 side2 sides
1,000 pcs $ 0.288 $ 0.350
2,000 pcs $ 0.238 $ 0.300
3,000 pcs $ 0.207 $ 0.268
10,000 pcs $ 0.186 $ 0.230

We offer you a range of standard designs for cocktail stirrers. If you choose these printed cocktail stirrers with a standard design, we don't charge setup costs. roerstaafjes.jpg?1440679282

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